Joe Sims & Kathy Sims

Joe has been involved with serving area farmers since 1980. Kathy joined Joe with the business in 1982 and over the years it has evolved into one of the largest cash and carry chemical businesses in the country. Joe and Kathy enjoy traveling and spending time with their thirteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren.


Michael Delaney & Christy Delaney

Michael, the youngest son of Joe and Kathy Sims, is the warehouse manager. He has been helping since he was old enough to remember. If you pick up your chemical in Osborne you will more than likely have Mike loading your chemical at the dock. 

Christy married Mike in 2010. She handles accounts payable, John Deere Financing, and payroll. Christy and Mike have five children: Dylan, Collin, Delaney, Carter, and Claire.


Samantha Gasper

Samantha  is responsible for routing all the delivery trucks and sales and whatever else needs done. These are major tasks that Samantha excels in. Samantha and her husband Nick have three beautiful girls Kirstin, Aubrey, and Karlie. They're enjoying living in their new house as they settle in.


Dan Worley

Dan is a jack of all trades! He works in the warehouse, makes delivery runs, and knows all about Walker mowers. Dan is the proud grandpa of Kam,  Fisher, Brodee, and Fulton.



Cameron is a senior at Osborne High School, and helps out during the summer and when we need him over breaks. He's worked at Sims for several summers now, and is as good at his job as any of the warehouse guys.

Cameron Delaney





Katie Lix & Brett Lix

Katie, daughter of Joe and Kathy Sims, is a graduate of Barton County in 1999 and K-State in 2001.  Katie has been involved with the business for years, and has extensive knowledge of our products.
Brett Lix married Katie in 2002 and has enjoyed working at Sims since.  Not only does he assist in managing the warehouses, he also helps work on Walker mowers as they come into the shop. Brett and Katie reside in Osborne with their children Georgia and Barrett.


Ryan Delaney & Alisha Delaney

Ryan, Joe and Kathy's oldest son, has been helping out for many years. He is married to Alisha and they have four children Ryah, Frankie, Tate, and Mazzy. Ryan is the purchasing manager, and works hard to get customers the best deal possible.
Alisha has excellent computer skills and helps Ryan with ordering and keeping prices low. She also assists with bookkeeping.


Bret Wilson

Bret is a great asset to our delivery team.  Bret has been a driver/delivery specialist for over 20 years, and is in a truck almost every day during our busy season.  He is married to Joe and Kathy's daughter Deanne, who is the Osborne postmaster, and they have two children, Vanessa and Wyatt, as well as a granddaughter, Shay.



Bob William

Bob has been a great addition to our group, bringing several years in trucking experience. Bob is a 1994 graduate of Osborne High School. We keep him busy delivering chemical all over the state.  Bob and his wife Kendra reside in Osborne with their children Grace and Phillip.