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R E S O U R C E S :

"Sims Fertilizer & Chemical is committed to being the best at identifying and delivering solutions along with outstanding services to enhance our customers, bottom line."  

We are dedicated to serving our growers. Most chemical companies sell products; at Sims we sell solutions to problems. We are a family-owned business and feel extremely honored and grateful to work with the best people in the world – farmers. The Sims Family (which includes all of our hard-working employees) is dedicated to taking care of our growers’ needs and has been for many years.

Please see the resources provided below. If you can't find what you are looking for, see our 'CONTACT' tab or call in for help from one of our knowledgeable employees! 

In the office...


Ryan & Alisha           Delaney


Christy Delaney 


Katie Lix


Samantha Gasper

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