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Real Farming Today Expo

Our 2nd annual Real Farming Today Expo was a hit again. We were so excited to host over 170 of our growers! Some even traveled from Colorado and Oklahoma.

Paul Schrimpf, gave the crowd insight on the Top 100 chemical retailers in the United States. He called Sims (#79) a "rare bird" of chemical retailers as we are the only one with a single location, so few employees, yet move more volume than a lot of our competitors. He cautioned growers about the pitfalls of buying chemicals online, as well as risks involved when joining buying groups that constantly ask for information in exchange for information. See what Paul had to say about his trip here:

Dallas Peterson is always a huge hit with the growers. His presentation included chemical recommendations, updates on chemical company consolidations, and new chemicals in the pipeline.

Speaker 3, Kent Spor, was unable to attend, but Sandra Wick, Post Rock Extension, was on hand with a slide show presentation on upcoming K-State Research and Extension events, and touched on the newly approved crop, industrial hemp. She was an excellent back up!

We had a great time and hope to see more of you next year!!

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